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Venice Gondolier

Different Strokes by Laura Fehl

    Jared Whitham has persevered despite constant challenges.Labeled from an early age as "learning disabled," Whitham inspires triumph in the face of adversity.
  The Venice resident's body of work includes more than 100 oil paintings, the feature fuilm "Project Omicron" and a variety of kinetic sculptures and performance pieces.

    Whitham's social and academic setbacks started in kindergarten.

    In second grade his class was split into three groups, based on achievement levels. "I was in the 'economy package of kids," Whitham said. That year he wrote his first book, "Monkeys and Bears in Outer Space."

    "It's interesting," he said, "I failed the grade, miserably, horribly and that same year I won the young authors contest - this kid who was supposedly developmentally delayed."

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Vice Magazine


    Tune in anywhere in Queens, Greenpoint, and random areas throughout New York, and you can see this madman on channel 6, 26, 32 or 35–any time, day or night or anywhere in between. (By the way, Channel 32 seems to work the best in Brooklyn and some parts of New York City, and he’s not on cable, just the airwaves.)

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Further Jared Whitham Media Coverage

    It seems that a few other news outlets will be picking up the coverage of Jared Whitham's 24-Hour A Day Marathon on New York Television until June (as I blogged about in my last post). There is now another posting on the VICE Magazine website blog featuring some of Jared's videos (scroll down to the bottom to see he & I in a segment from 2005 where Jared explains the concept of the New York based Late-Night Kids Talk Show).

    I have received word that Jared has been interviewed by at least one major news outlet and I'll certainly post a link to that interview as soon as it is released. Until then, here are some out-takes of a film I did with Jared back in 1999 (the film itself was released on video but is out of print and not available online. Perhaps that will change, but here is a brief look at the world of the low-budget Sci-Fi Art Film dreamed up by Jared when he was still in High School in Florida:

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Jared Whitham: Friend and Comrade

This guy was one of the first internet video artists before the days of video bloggers or "vloggers". He wrote, produced, acted, edited, and uploaded his own kids show on the internet called "The Jared Whitham Show". Keep in mind this was way before there were lonelygirls or rocketbooms...

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How To Run an Independent Label
(Into the Ground)

Ed Furniture Entertainment is an independent record label based in the small retirement community of Venice, FL. Over the past 1.5 years, we have invested approximately $24,000 on promoting and supporting our vast roster of two. Sir Millard Mulch (composer) and Jared Whitham (performance artist) are two of the most non-potential money-makers we could have thought of.

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